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Don't you just love completing surveys? :-(



As a valued customer, your feedback is important. This sentence plagues my inbox.


Don't you just love completing surveys?


Do you actually enjoy spending your time on pages of feedback survey questions?


How would you describe your experience, as a customer, when you are asked to complete a survey?




I don't like surveys. Knowing just how much data my bank, insurer, airline and others have about me, my transactions, the tone and content of conversations that I have had with them - it is plain annoying that they use this antiquated method.


As an example, my bank called to ask if I was happy with the service that I had been receiving. Six months ago, we thought about consolidating accounts that we had - and applied for a transaction account - no feedback since. If they had bothered to look, they would have resolved that first before asking. I laid a formal complaint. No response. Bad experience. (No survey yet - shoo!)


And despite the noise regarding data privacy - I don't mind if they use the data that they have to better understand and serve me. In fact, I would be happy to respond "yes" to "would you mind if we use the data that we have to better serve you" - that would be a good single question survey.


Would you like to use your data to better serve your customers?


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