Assurance & Integrity for
Public Sector and Financial Services


Established in 2016, our team comprises seasoned professional services consultants.


We provide assurance and integrity services to public sector entities and financial services firms.




We bring a fresh, customer and stakeholder-focused vision to assurance and integrity - largely with a focus on using data.


In practical terms, we help:


  • Use data and analytics to identify risks and then develop responses to them.


  • Translate raw data and analytics into meaningful, actionable insights to inform policy and program development, especially to assess and improve service delivery.


  • Manage reputational risks, financial crime, corruption and integrity risks – using data.




The most frequent reasons that our customers give for working with us are:


  • Teams of senior, experienced professionals working directly on each project.


  • A demonstrated commitment to diversity and flexible working practices for our people and our customers.


  • Specialists – we focus on what we excel at, not on trying to be all things to all people.



Conor McGarrity

Conor McGarrity

An enduring interest in governance and performance, built on more than 20 years' experience in navigating complex issues.


I have led teams on high profile matters, involving multiple stakeholders, including reviews aimed at improving organisational effectiveness and efficiency.


Yusuf Moolla

Yusuf Moolla

Combines data, analytics and emerging technology to provide assurance.


Most of my career has been within professional services, with a balance between technical and managerial roles. Over 20 years' experience in Australia, Africa, Europe & Asia.


Linh Nguyen

Linh Nguyen

A Chartered Accountant with more than a decade of assurance, analytics and visualisation experience.


I have worked in both professional services and corporate roles, across mining/resources, financial services and the public sector.